Signs You Should Replace your Car Window Tint Now 

For car owners Denver window tinting is a must-try. Window tinting creates a feeling of privacy, security and protection from different elements outside their cars. But what if a tinting service wasn’t done right? Well, that can put your car at risk. That’s why it’s good to know when you should consider a car window tinting job. 

Car Window Tint


Here are the signs that your last car tint installer didn’t do their job right. 


1. Air Bubbles 

Glass surfaces should be cleaned well before installation of car tints. If not, all the elements such as smoke, grease, smog and dust will be sandwiched between the tint film and the glass that later on causes air pockets. Aside from being an insult to your aesthetic goals, it may also cause tinting to blow up.  

2. Purple Color 

You don’t have to be a car genius to figure this out. Purple color is a sign that the film over your window is fading out. Low quality window tints can’t stand the harsh beams of damaging sunlight. It is recommended to look for reliable professionals, like Denver window tinting service, to give you fade-resistant window tints. 

3. Peeling and Scratches 

Who doesn’t want car windows that almost look flawless? Whether you admit it or not, scratches makes your car looks outdated and untaken care of. Some instances like the cleaning process can cause scratches on your car window tinting. 

Negligence can also cause peeling over time. It happens when the adhesive weakens the hold of the tint on the vehicle windows. 

4. Damage in interior 

One of the benefits of car tint is providing protection in the interior of the car. If you notice the colors of your interior fading, you might want to check if you need a tint replacement. This also applies if you noticed some unexplainable cracks inside your car. 

5. Higher consumption in Fuel 

High quality window tint can reduce the penetration of heat inside your car, especially in the summer. It can also help you save up on gas because it gives your car a cooler interior. Car air conditioner is one of the factors that affect your consumption in fuel. By preventing the overworking of the aircon, you are saving extra fuel. If you consume fuel faster than usual, perhaps your window tint already needs replacement. 

6. Cheap film 

I know that sometimes it can be expensive to get window films installed in your car. That is why a lot of vehicle owners opt for cheaper options that are not really cheap. Cheap films aren’t scratch-proof and fade-resistant that’s why it is needed to be replaced more often than high-quality ones. Invest in high-quality car tints that are durable, long lasting and cost-effective. 

Car tinting can be expensive that’s why it is unfortunate if you have encountered services that are quite unsatisfying. Here in Denver, window tinting services are usually done by car tinting experts that cater their clients with best results. Use your money and effort wisely by opting for high quality car tints to be installed by professionals that will get you covered. For more information, please visit

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